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AuthBridge Digital Address Verification

An industry first innovation, Footprints Digital has brought the whole process of address verification to you, right from your smartphone. You can do it from anywhere in the world.

A complete identity check is essential to verify the legitimacy of the individual and minimize hiring risk. This includes an accurate check of the candidate’s criminal records and civil litigations, references, CBI, SEBI and RBI lists.

With COVID-19 and the Gig Economy, there is an increased demand for quick background checks. This is especially true for on-demand services such as driver-home delivery boys and other cab services.

The process of hiring and verifying a new employee is an important step for businesses that depend on reliable, honest employees to deliver quality work. Often, these companies will hire a third-party company to handle this task.

Moreover, these verification companies possess software and automated tools for effective address checks. These tools are able to capture the address details of applicants directly from their ID documents such as PAN card, Aadhaar Card, passport, and so on.

In addition to capturing the exact details of the addresses provided, these services also include GPS tracking, digital logs and APIs that return multiple known addresses upon entering a street name. This ensures that the address verification process runs smoothly and quickly.

AuthBridge has been providing digital solutions with an HR focus for over 17 years and serves more than 2000+ clients. The company provides a variety of services including employee screening, background verification and onboarding, risk assessment, talent solutions, drug testing and more.




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